April is a pioneer of Free Software in France. Since 1996, it is a major player in the democratization and the spread of free software and open standards to the general public, professionals and institutions in the French-speaking world.

LibreExpo is organized by April’s awareness-raising task force, whose objective is the production, inventory, and improvement of free software communication resources, in order to increase public awareness of what is at stake.

On the advocacy group’s page, you will find various other documents that you can use to promote free software and open formats.


The first version of the Libreexpo, launched in 2006 by the network of the Southern Alps’ Education League, by the Linux-Alpes association, and by APITUX, has had great success. In 2008, April’s awareness-raising task force published a new version, in an open format this time, thanks especially to the work of François Poulain. In 2015, on the initiative of Antoine Bardelli, we offered an LibreExpo we’d completely updated, both in style and in substance.